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Covering the major areas in Website Design, Development and Support, SEO and eCommerce, Android App, small game with HTML 5 + JS
we provide the excellent services you should definitely try.

Website Development


We create unique websites for your business that don’t just look good – they work too. Our designs are developed to also ensure that there is an optimal rate of conversion: we want as many of your visitors to become your loyal customers. To that end, we ensure that every aspect of your website design is geared towards cultivating a customer base

Magento Development

Our innovative solutions combined with holistic knowledge gained from years of working in eCommerce industry results in the confidence of handling your Magento project from discussion and planning to implementation and launch.

We are ready for any ideas you may have, regardless of the size and complexity.

Website Support

Website support and maintenance is required to ensure the website is up to date to attract its target audience, any problem in website scripts is fixed on the spot.

New changes are updated frequently so that the web site gets noticed periodically by search engines, new updates are applied for website security, steps are taken to counter hacker attacks and reduce downtime if any problem occur with web hosting.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO strategies and internet marketing will result in higher ranking of your website and increased sales.

Plumrocket Inc. offers 3 SEO packages or”SEO plans” almost any business can afford. Our”Starter” search engine optimization package is for low competition industries, the”Serious” is for low-medium level, and the”Strategy” plan is for medium to higher difficulty business types and industries.

Android App Development